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The Celtic Art Coracle Volume 1 Issue 7 contents

Celtic Art Coracle V107 Cover

097 ... The Celtic Awakening  art by Ken Porter
099 ... Children's Games  article by Paddy Graber
100 ... Cat and Mouse  art from the Book of Kells  
101 ... Hound and Hare  art from the Book of Kells
101 ... Otter with Trout  art from the Book of Kells
107 ... Carpet Page  art by Rebecca Gilbert
108 ... Cat and Mice  art from the Book of Kells
109 ... The Lytchett Heath Game  article by John Bartlett

Artwork: The Four Seasons copyright Aidan Meehan 1983

The Celtic Art Coracle Vol 1
Contents Coracle Press 1983
ISSN 0828-8321 
All Rights Reserved











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