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The Celtic Art Coracle Volume 1 Issue 4
Rangavalli -  P.B.Bairi (continued)
Fig. 29: Eight Rangavalli Knot Borders

It is to be hoped that students in educational institutes will be enabled to take an interest in this art. In Tagore's Shantiniketan Rangavalli are drawn by students not only daily by some but together on such auspicious days as New Year's, Vasanta Utsava, Tagore's birthday, Shilpa Utsava (industry festival), Vriksharopana Utsava (tree planting festival), and on the occasion of a visit by dignitaries, by the teachers and students of the Kala Bhavan.

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Art: Aidan Meehan (after B.P. Bairi)


Content: copyright Aidan Meehan 1983

The Celtic Art Coracle Vol 1
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