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The Celtic Art Coracle Volume 1 Issue 4
THE RAY OF GLORY -  Aidan Meehan (continued)

Otherwise, the tradition cannot be revived, the old forms will be subjected to travesty and degeneration, and will be swept away in the tide of fashion. Rather than contribute to the further dissolution of the tradition, the sole purpose of the tradition may be fulfilled if it serves to lead each one who submits to its rigorous discipline, eventually, to discover for her self the golden thread of the canon enshrined in the classical constructions.

The study of intelligible geometry leads to skill in the intellectual arts because this science is one of the gates through which we move to the knowledge of the soul, and that is the root of all knowledge.

- from The Rasa'll of  the Brotherhood of Purity, trans. Seyyed Hossein Nasr- quoted by Keith Critchlow, Islamic Patterns, London, 1976

Content: copyright Aidan Meehan 1983

The Celtic Art Coracle Vol 1
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