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The Celtic Art Coracle Volume 1 Issue 4
The Ray of Glory - Aidan Meehan  (continued)

"The bond of being lies in non-being". The fabric of the universe is composed of points. The grid of these points is the bond of being. Yet the point itself has no volume, height, length or dimension of any sort. Likewise, the period at the end of this sentence has no duration. The moment, or point in time which we measure regardless, is equally as untenable as the dot. Our assumptions about time and space, the creation and its origin are not hard to shake, and the questions that such meditations give rise to may be perennially summarized in the words of the Vedic sage, "who really knows?"

None the less, there is no cause for confusion. The model of reality exists here behind our very eyes. In simple geometric terms, the point precedes the line, and they both are one and the same. Thus, the point is the cross-section of the line, and the line is the first dimensional projection of the point.

It should therefore be obvious why, in reference to the perennial imponderables, the seer directs our attention to the pristine symbols of geometry...for truly the geometrical forms are the archetypal and universally comprehensible products of the imagination, uncontaminated by the conditioning of verbal or pictorial prejudice. Due to this virtue of expediency as a tool of metaphysical contemplation, primitive symbolic geometry has always been the natural, normal and universally utilized language of revelatory wisdom or tradition.

The revival of the traditional norms of sacred art in the west is also the invitation to re-articulate the canon of symbolic number and geometry, in order that the traditional forms may be intelligibly utilised.

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The Celtic Art Coracle Vol 1
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