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The Celtic Art Coracle Volume 1 Issue 4
THE RAY OF GLORY -  Aidan Meehan (continued)

Within the form matrix , consciousness and desire, Iccha and Kama, by the force of their interaction, come together to produce the creation. From there, the creation unfolds from undifferentiated surge - absolute chaos -  into order.

The ray of glory is perpetually shot forth, the line of Brahman upon which are strung all the worlds (read dimensions if you prefer), like pearls on a thread.

Oneness ( point) and twoness (line) is usually associated in traditional societies with the qualities odd and even, masculine and feminine, right and left. The solitary point symbolized the masculine aspect of the principle; the line described the feminine aspect.

Unfortunately,  only one attribute (the One), may fulfil the Absolute degree. In this view, Two-ness must be other than the absolute. If the primary principle is associated with the masculine, then the feminine must be secondary. This idea is at the root of cosmogenies of ancient civilisations the world over, despite its absurdity. 

This fundamental perversion of the primordial cosmogony pervades orthodox scriptures, and consequently most literate cultures. Notably, the Vedas are careful to link the principles in abstract terms, Will above and Potentia beneath. What good is the will without the power to implement itself? Impotent will is no will at all. What use is power without purpose, to be able and not to be willing?


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