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The Celtic Art Coracle Volume 1 Issue 4
THE RAY OF GLORY -  Aidan Meehan (continued)

Infinite Potential is represented as the primal surge of darkness which is now divided from the realm of the Actual by a line of radiance, akin to the surface of water reflecting light from above. All that is above is now visible, actual and filled with actual purpose. There are analogies between this concept and the accounts of genesis in many other traditions, but few match this in simplicity and purity of conception.

Thus the ancient Poet introduces the perennial symbol of the upright or cosmic cross. The cosmogonic process is expressed with "hieroglyphic compression" that is as succinct as a mathematical equation, and serving the same function to the metaphysician as the elegant algebraic theorum does the physicist.

This equation between the symbol and the sacred is fundamental to the student of a traditional art form. In a mandala design, for instance, the peripheral imagery can refer to the concentric spheres, worlds, or dimensions that emanate form the source of the universe, the central sun, or equally the shells of the personality that clothe the psyche.

Bearing this in mind, the traditional form of the sunwheel takes on many implications both macro- and microcosmically. The execution of such symbolic designs has always been useful as a reminder of universal principles of wholeness, and thus properly may be termed a yoga, a form of Yantric yoga, in fact.

Much food for thought may arise in executing a simple geometric design with the basic symbols of the dot, line and cross linked meditatively to the nature and origin of the cosmos and self. For example, consider that the dot symbolizes, in traditional cosmology, the First Principle as emerging from the empty realm of absolute potentiality.

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