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The Celtic Art Coracle Volume 1 Issue 4
THE RAY OF GLORY -  Aidan Meehan

In the Principle darkness concealed darkness; undifferentiated surge was this whole world. The pregnant point covered by the form matrix, from conscious fervour, mightily brought forth the One.

In the Principle, thereupon, arose desire, which of consciousness was the primeval seed. Then the wise, searching within their hearts, perceived that in non-being lay the bond of being.

Stretched crosswise was their line, a ray of glory. Was there a below? And was there an above? There were sowers of seeds and forces of might: Potency from beneath and from on high the Will.    

Rig Veda X. 129. 3,4,5 (trans. Jean le Me)

These lines drawn from the Rig Veda, composed perhaps thousands of years ago, represent the view of the origin of the Universe as held by the Rishis of ancient India, "the first path makers".

The relation between the conception of the cosmos expressed in this ancient sacred scripture and the primitive geometry of archaic, sacred art struck me the first time I read these lines.

In these verses the origin of being is illustrated by reference to point and cross. The single dot symbolizes the seed of consciousness which in turn gives rise to desire.

The relation between these two is symbolized by a horizontal line of light.This distinguishes one from other as opposite poles, and also above from below.

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The Celtic Art Coracle Vol 1
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