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The Celtic Art Coracle Volume 1 Issue 1
Celtic Knots Correspondence Course with Aidan Meehan

Celtic Knots Correspondence Course with Aidan Meehan, Level 1

Level One outlines the rules of formal Celtic knot design in easy-to-follow terms. Each of the ten units follows from the previous one, with exercises at the end of each unit, for beginners and experts alike.The first level course is based on a simple knot,  and diagrams how to make it in very simple terms. Then you learn how to repeat two units of the same knot, and how to spin variations off the combination. You can build this block of knotwork into borders, panels and squares. The course gives you a huge number number of knots.

Now available online.

The course comes in the form of ten weekly units, sent to your email address as electronic documents. You can read the course onscreen as an e-book, or print it out and put it in a ring binder, if you find that easier to work with.

Each unit is self-explanatory, and you can send samples of your work to Aidan Meehan for comment and suggestions on methods and materials; thas is the correspondence part of the course - you send exercises to me, and I reply personally to you, with comments on your work, and advice or recommendations as to how to proceed.

In order to register for level one of the course in Celtic Knotwork, click on the shopping cart button below.

Registration:  Ten-Week Correspondence Course, Level 1 - $200 US 

Celtic Knots Correspondence Course with Aidan Meehan, Level 2

For those who have done the first course, Level 2 is available. The focus of the first level is variationson the simplest Celtic knot:,the second level covers different types and styles of knots in Celtic art,  and goes on to apply these to frames, arches, ovals, circles as well as borders for standard sizes of stationery, greeting cards and note cards. In Level 2, many new types of knots are introduced, including loose-ended knots, and Pictish Wheel- and- cross knots, as well as contemporary treatments for applying to the designs.

Ten-Week Correspondence Course, Level 2 - $200 US 

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Artwork A. Meehan 1981

The Celtic Art Coracle Vol 1
Contents Coracle Press 1983
ISSN 0828-8321 
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