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2005.12.08: I recently prepared twelve of my favourites in black-ink-on-white-cotton tees. These high-quality, ultra- heavyweight white cotton shirts taped shoulder seams and double-stitched neck lines come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. You can view the catalogue online to by clicking on the link below, or the link on the side bar on the left.

Aidan Meehan Celtic Teeshirts 2005/2006

a 1990 limited edition print by Aidan Meehan
now available - signed and numbered - direct from the artist:

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The Treasury Of Celtic Knots by Aidan Meehan

My latest book, a step-by-step guide to drawing Celtic knots, the most widely appealing form within the rich repertoire of Celtic design is now available in paperback from Thames & Hudson, London, and from Thames & Hudson, New York.

Celtic Knots - Mastering the Traditional Patterns, by Aidan Meehan

My twenty-lesson course in Celtic Knot design is now available in paperback as well as in hard back from Thames & Hudson, New York

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The web edition of the Coracle, Volume 1, first published 1983, is archived at the following site.


Some first edition hardcopies of single issues may be found at my eBay Auctions page, as well as my Celtic art prints and, occasionally, artwork for sale.

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